Terminal operators at service stations: the key to recharging your electric car in the blink of an eye?

Terminal operators at service stations: the key to recharging your electric car in the blink of an eye?

Find out how gas station terminals are revolutionizing electric car charging by offering a quick and convenient solution. A key to unconstrained electric mobility!

Making it easier to charge electric cars

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Locate the terminal, find the cable, open the hatch and have the correct plug. Filling up with electricity turns out to be more complicated than using the gasoline gun, especially during long journeys over the May bridges. Fortunately, to help drivers, the profession of terminal operator has emerged. This is the equivalent of the gas station attendant for electric cars. “You have to get as close as possible because the cables are not very, very long,” explains one of them.

Helping electric car drivers

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He explains to them in particular how to recharge, how to pay and not to wait until the car is 100% charged. “It’s a complementary job that we could continue to support customers,” assures a terminal operator in a motorway station. The terminalists, who are often seasonal workers, were launched during the February holidays. For these next few days of heavy traffic, several dozen terminal operators will be deployed at the charging stations.

Terminal operators at service stations play a crucial role in facilitating the charging of electric cars, particularly during periods of major travel such as the May bridges. Their presence allows drivers to obtain the necessary assistance to use charging stations correctly, thus avoiding complications related to the charging process. By developing this profession, it is possible to further support users of electric cars and further improve the electric driving experience.

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